Doomstar Bookings solely works the European territory for the bands shown below, unless stated otherwise.

Agoraphobic Nosebleed (USA)

Aphopys (NL)

Below (SE)

Cliteater (NL)

Coffins (JP)

Collision (NL)

Condemned (USA)

Corrupt Moral Altar

Criminal (CL)

Dehumanized (USA)

Deranged (SE)

Despise You (USA)

Deville (SE)

Eat The Turnbuckle (USA)

Exhumed (USA)

Faal (NL)

Fistula (USA)

F.U.B.A.R. (NL)

Gorgasm (USA)

Grime (IT)

Hell (USA)

Implore (DE)

Jucifer (USA)

Leng Tch'e (BE)

Magrudergrind (USA)

Maruta (USA)


Nightrage (SE)

Noothgrush (USA)

Nuclear Devastation (NL)

Obscenity (DE)

Ortega (NL)

Pentagram Chile (CL)

Pig Destroyer (USA)

Primitive Man (USA)

Pyrexia (USA)

Rectal Smegma (NL)

Skeletal Remains (USA)

Soulemission (NL)

Suma (SE)

Syk (IT)

Teething (ES)

Telepathy (UK)

The Goddamn Gallows (USA)

Toner Low (NL)

Total Fucking Destruction (USA)

Ultha (DE)

Vampillia (JP)

Venomous Concept (UK/USA)

Vermin Womb (USA)

Violent Magic Orchestra (JP)

Waco Jesus (USA)

Wolfbrigade (SWE)

Wormrot (SIN)

Worship (DE)

Zaum (CA)