Cascadian Black Metal

Label: Eisenwald Production/SMGS Records
Spring 2018
Info & details:

Alda was formed in the Fall of 2007 in city of Tacoma, Washington USA, by founding members Jace Bruton, Tim Brown, Stephanie Knittel and Michael Korchonnoff. For over ten years Alda has been composed of this lineup, all of whom originally met and began collaborating during their youth when they were living in the rural mountain town of Eatonville, Washington. Alda's sound may be described as a synthesis of atmospheric Black Metal and acoustic folk music, and were originally inspired by the music of Agalloch, Ulver, Windir and many others. Through their lyrics and visual art, Alda communicates a message of reverance for the natural world, as well as rage and despair at the destruction brought to the wildernesses of the world by industrialized civilization. Alda's discography is comprised of a 2009 demo and three full-length albums, Alda (2009), Tahoma (2011), and Passage (2015).