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Malmö-based Heavy Stoner Rockers Deville released their fourth and most explosive album „Make It Belong To Us“ on Fuzzorama Records – home to the mighty Truckfighters, We Hunt Buffalo and more.

Well-versed in the ways of brutal melody, for over a decade Deville have built a career out of tight, hard-hitting rock and roll. Brought together in 2004 out of a shared loved for stoner metal and hard fuzz, the band – made up of lead guitarist/vocalist Andreas Bengtsson, drummer Markus Nilsson, bass player Markus Åkesson and rhythm guitarist Andreas Wulkan – are no strangers to the power of the weighted riff.

Having played over four hundred gigs and festivals across Europe and the USA since their formation, they recently joined the Truckfighters Tour and supported Red Fang in fall and winter 2016. “Offering clever dynamics and evincing broader emotions to elevate Deville above the mediocre Orange Cabinet-abusing masses out there.” - Blabbermouth

As you will hear on new song ‘Life In Decay’, the chugging, hook-laden guitars, soaring vocal and ambitious progression in song writing has shaped Deville into a leaner, meaner, and ultimately heavier sounding machine. A band that while happy to hold court with the likes of Mastodon, High On Fire and Queens Of The Stone Age, plan to not only stand beside them shoulder to shoulder, but seize the throne from under their noses.