Nuclear Devastation


Label: Wolves Of Hades
Available: open to offers
Info & details:

Amsterdam Metalpunk horde Nuclear Devastation are among the newer dark and chaotic bands that combine the rotten sounds of Swedish Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Crustpunk, and Blackened Hardcore.

Starting back in 2010 as youngsters making noise and following their idols, over time new influences were added to the cauldron of cacophony and their style evolved into something way more nihilistic and self destructive.

Living in a dying scene overrun with clones of bands, Nuclear Devastation managed to remain unique in their apocalyptic-ridden approach for misery and decay, while still worshipping bands like Anti Cimex, Black Breath, Celtic Frost, Martyrdöd and Cursed.

These lone wolves play a savage mix of Motörcharged riffs, relentless apocalyptic d-beats and guttural screams that create a maelstrom that will cast the listener straight into oblivion.

Performing live rituals with an energy of raw power that will surge into a frenzy of adrenaline and destruction.

They are currently working on their first full-length assault, which is hoped to be released in the coming year.