Set And Setting

Instrumental Post Rock

Label: Prosthetic Records / Dunk!Records
upon request
Info & details:

"Gorgeous and unexpectedly heavy... There is a quiet joy held within its tangle of notes... There are metallic moments coursing underneath... Now more than ever, we need beautiful music – and Set and Setting has delivered."

"Melancholic beauty suspended in the clouds with a birds-eye view of epic terrain... Soul-searing leads and shimmering, bending guitars that convey feelings of wonder and introspection."

"Set and Setting are somehow self-releasing their third record, when it’s one of the best albums in its genre, ever, standing tall alongside masterpieces by Pelican and Russian Circles."

"Set and Setting bring a unique sound... The post-rockers throw a hint of psychedelia and even a metallic edge... The result is a captivating, wordless, genre amalgam."

"Metallic chug to trippy psychedelia to soaring post-rock beauty..."
Brooklyn Vegan