Toner Low

Psychedelic Doom


Label: Roadkill Recordz
Available: open to offers
Info & details:

Psychedelic doom-band Toner Low from Holland have been around since 1998. Starting off as a more or less traditional stonerrock-outfit, over the years they evolved into the heaviest band of the lowlands. Toner Low released two full-length albums so far, their untitled debut (2005/2006) and II (2008). In the past years the band toured/played in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, the UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Italy and the Netherlands. Toner Low played at festivals such as Roadburn 2006 (Hol), Swamp Room Happening 2007 (De), Sauzipf Rocks 2007 (At), Stoned From The Underground 2008 (De), Doom Over Bielefeld 2009 (De), Stoned Hand Of Doom 2010 (It) and Doom Over Berlin 2011 (De), and did gigs with a.o. Electric Wizard (UK), Boris (Japan), Colour Haze (De), SUMA (Swe), Monarch! (Fr), Rose Kemp (UK), Astrosoniq (Hol) and Heavy Lord (Hol). A new album is expected to be released somewhere in 2012.