Violent Magic Orchestra

Black Metal/Techno/Avant-Garde/Performance

Label:Throatruiner Records / Virgin Babylon Records
Available: open to offers / tour in march 2017
Info & details:

VMO a.k.a Violent Magic Orchestra... It was formed by Pete Swanson (ex Yellow Swans) in charge of electronics, Extreme Precautions as Mix, Synthesizer and beat maker, Vampillia in charge of playing instruments, Kezzardrix make live visual, and Three strobe lights. Also it's art project of in complete harmony of Techno, Black metal, Industrial,noise and emit light. It is like Black metal meets Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin invaded by Burzum. By the way, VMO is the unit to use the electricity for most at the venue. The total electric energy is 4500 watts. To put it simply, for 56 amps.