Black Metal

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Label: Free Fucking Agents
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Woe was formed in 2007 as a solo project of multi-instrumentalist Chris Grigg. After catching the underground’s attention with a strong demo of ugly, raw black metal, the first full-length, A Spell For The Death Of Man, was unleashed in 2008. The album offered the first glimpse of modern Woe: faithful to the traditions established by the black metal classics but a willingness to inject a very American songwriting perspective. It found critical acclaim both in the underground and beyond.

Demand for live performances encouraged the assembly of a full band, which was put together with veterans of the Philadelpahia scene. After two years of live work, they signed a contract with classic metal label Candlelight Records and released Quietly, Undramatically in 2010. The first recording to feature a full band, the album continued the direction established by A Spell For The Death Of Man but pushed further outwards, showing WOE‘s willingness to experiment while not completely ignoring their roots. The risks paid off, as the album received an enormous response and propelled the band to new levels of recognition. Performances at Scion Rock Fest in California and a brief tour opening for the infamous Mayhem followed.

After three years and a relocation from Philadelphia to Brooklyn, the band released Withdrawal on Candlelight in 2013 to more rave reviews. Their most abrasive material to date, it drew from the dynamics of Quietly, Undramatically while descending slightly back towards the controlled chaos that were central to the Woe‘s ideals. The band toured heavily in support but were ultimately forced to put the project to focus on responsibilities outside of music.

In 2017, after many years of silence, the band reemerged unexpectedly and released Hope Attrition on Berlin-based Vendetta Records. Featuring new members Lev Weinstein and Matt Mewton alongside Grigg and longtime musical partner Grzesiek Czapla, it presented Woe at their most vicious and unrelenting, with a thick production courtesy of legendary engineer Stephen DeAcutis. The album's direct, focused vision resonated with critics and fans alike and earned nearly universal praise. Shortly after its release, they embarked on their first European tour with labelmates Ultha, and continue to seek opportunities to share their unmistakably unique blend of melodic death/black metal with the world.