Dopelord tour

Posted on november 6, 2017

Warsaw´s Stoner Doom heros Dopelord come to south-east europe in February 2018. On the bill: Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia. Massive clouds of smoke and impressive walls of sound!

Telepathy tour

Posted on october 18, 2017

Progressive Sludgers Telepathy return to Belgium and Netherlands for 3 intense shows this weekend:
20.Oct Brussels, magasin 4
21.Oct. Leeuwarden, Into the Void Fest
22.Oct. Utrecht, Black Earth Fest

Roster update

Posted on october 4, 2017

It's time for another expansion update for the Doomstar Bookings roster, our family is ever growing and we're damn proud of it! First of is the mighty Dead Lord from Sweden, these rockers have just released their 3rd full length and will tour Europe with Imperial State Electric this November! Futhermore the lunatic asylum that is known as Ghoul has joined us, these surfing death thrashers are currently preparing for a 2 month US tour and will be setting up plans to return to Europe shortly! Continuing on the thrash/death path is Dew Scented, proud to have this long running German outfit in our ranks! More German tunes with the addition of crust black metallers Ancst and the doomed sounds of Phantom Winter! From Switzerland we have Coilguns with their insane mix of D-Beat/Grind/Black-Metal Tech'n'roll and finishing the list is Belgium's hypnotic Hemelbestormer, excited to be working with all these artists! And there is more to come still!

Roster update

Posted on september 21, 2017

Fresh from our new office, it's time for another round of announcement for our roster! First up is the US black thrash outfit Skeletonwitch, very proud to have them under our wings! Continuing in a similar musical style, the Swedes of Witchery will also proudly be taken care of by us from now on. Up next and keeping it black as well, albeit more cascading oriented, is Denmark's amazing Solbrud who recently completed their first European tour with our Wildernessking. And moving on to a more different style, we're mighty proud to have joined forces with the legendary Dutch hardcore punks of Vitamin X, already planning their next Euro trip as we speak! And last, not least, but most certainly very different, is the New York shoegaze dream pop collective Dead Leaf Echo. Excited to be working with this new batch of talented artists. Stay tuned for news on this and more soon!

Roster update

Posted on august 16, 2017

It's time for the next batch of announcements for our roster, a quite blackened one it is! We'll start of with the Norwegian black metal machine Vreid! Following these footsteps is the cascadian black metal outfit Alda from USA who are to be expected in Europe in the first half of next year. The progressive death/black metallers Ulsect from The Netherlands, featuring (ex)members of Textures and Dodecahedron, have also joined us and are currently setting up some album release shows for October/November. The darkness gets a little slower with the addition of USA's legendary death/doom outfit Novembers Doom and the French sludge/doom/drone camp of Monarch! (European bookings through us only, outside of France). And lastly we pick up the tempo and aggression with the bleak Icelandic hardcore of Une Misère urgh! We welcome these bands to our family and will bring them to your town soon, stay tuned for more updates!

Roster update

Posted on august 8, 2017

We have quite a few magnificent additions to the ever growing Doomstar Bookings family that we're keen to share with you, so we'll start with announcing a batch every week or so for the next weeks to come. This first announcement is a juicy one already! We're proud to say that we have the mighty death metal machine Hate Eternal in our ranks, expect them back in Europe in 2018 for some exclusive performances! The most exotic announcement we have is Ritual Day, all the way from China. It's the oldest black/death metal band in the country, plans are currently made for their next trip to Europe. Up next is Tribulation's guitar player Jonathan Hulten, who is pursuing a solo career as singer/songwriter and will be announced as support shortly on a tour through us later this year. Staying over in Sweden, we're proud to be joining forces with epic doom metal outfit Sorcerer, who have reformed in 2010 and are ready to take the stage with full force again! And last, but very certainly not least, is Canada's sludgy rock monster Bison who have just released a new album and are to be expected back in Europe in the first half of 2018.

There is loads of more stuff in the works, stay tuned for more news soon!

Roster update

Posted on june 9, 2017

We're stoked to announce that the Doomstar Bookings family is still ever growing, we welcome Alexander Obert as our newest member to the booking family! He will be representing an impressive list of bands for us mostly in the post black metal / prog rock sector with acts as Wildernessking from South Africa, set and setting from USA, Woman Is The Earth from USA and Botanist from USA (tour being booked for them September/October this year). Excited to have all this under Alexander's wings at Doomstar!

Next to that we have a few amazing announcements of our own, being the Icelandic black metallers Zhrine, stoner doom warriors Dopelord from Poland, death/doom goliaths Hooded Menace from Finland and the avant-garde black metal machine known as Dodecahedron from The Netherlands for which we'll only work outside of the Benelux, these shows remain with Lexicon Bookings.

Could not be more stoked with this crazy announcement of awesome bands to work with! And we have more up our sleeves very soon, stay tuned for more news in the upcoming days!

Bloodshed Festival update

Posted on may 3, 2017

We are early with announcing the day schedule, just so can can prepare yourself properly! There are limited combi tickets available until the 1st of June.
On the 1st of June we will release the day tickets. So don't wait to long and get your combi tickets now. Our venue is not that big.

And when you travel from abroad, don't forget the pre party on Thursday the 26th of October at Burgers - Eindhoven. What an insane weekend this will be.

Roster Update

Posted on march 28, 2017

We're very proud to announce another two new members to the Doomstar Bookings family, this time we welcome two more bands from Sweden to our roster. Firstly the long-time running death metallers of Nightrage, who have just released their 7th album on Despotz Records will be available through us. Secondly the epic doom metallers Below (Metal Blade Records) have joined our ranks. Get ready for this Scandinavian assault!

Roster Update

Posted on january 16, 2017

We're proud and happy to announce that we have signed 4 more bands to our ever growing band roster for Europe! The first announcement is the Swedish heavy stoner rock band Deville (Fuzzorama Records), expect their plans to unfold here very soon! Second up is the Dutch death metal newcomer Apophys (Metal Blade Records), featuring (ex-) members of God Dethroned, Prostitute Disfigurement and Erebus among others. And lastly we have two amazing and mindblowing Japanese bands added to our roster, the eclectic avant-garde metal of Vampillia official (Candlelight Records) and the unfathomable performance techno black metal of VMO Violent Magic Orchestra (Throatruiner Records/Virgin Babylon Records). This duo toured through us last December and will return this year, the tour for VMO leading up to the Bangface weekender 2017 is almost ready to be announced as well.

Roster Update

Posted on november 29, 2016

Hey folks,

We are happy and proud to announce the signing of yet another few new names to our ever growing roster! Firstly the ever touring squad of grinders of Implore, whom have completed two tours under our wings already with ACxDC, have joined our ranks. Secondly the British boys of Telepathy, who were under our wings before, have rejoined us under a new agent and will push forward in spreading their instrumental metal to the masses. Expect both bands touring on the road next year!


Posted on november 18, 2016

At the request of sir Torturdod of Undergang we sorted a short weekend tour with their buddies of Deiquisitor for next month, let the Danish Death Metal December Devastation begin!


Posted on september 1, 2016

As you may notice, we update the news on the website way less than facebook, keep an eye on that for all current developments. Nonetheless we're proud to inform you of a new list of bands for our roster, starting with the amazing Swedish crust legends of Wolfbrigade! Furthermore we have joined forces with the Swedish death metal masters of Deranged once again, and also the German lads of Obscenity are now on our roster. Norwegian black metallers Vredehammer, Canadian fuzz rockers Zaum and German black metal outfit Ultha are now also under our wings.

Next to that we now have a feature in the roster tab for the Bucket City agency, featuring Joe Buck Yourself (on tour now until October 16), Those Poor Bastards, Viva Le Vox, The Hooten Hallers and Rachel Brooke! As always there is more in the works, stay tuned!

New additions

Posted on may 26, 2016

Folks beware, new additions to our booking team and roster have been made! We're proud to present to you our new bookers Federico Gaspare Carlo De Bernardi Di Valserra aka Duca Conte and Benny Bats! Besides that, we have a big roster update! We're proud to inform you that we're now officially booking for Europe:

Criminal (CL/UK)
Deranged (SE)
Fistula (USA)
Hell (USA)
Jucifer (USA)
Morne (USA)
Soulemission (NL)
Suma (SE)
Teething (ES)
Waco Jesus (USA)

Get in touch if you wanna know conditions and availability!

Doomstar Madness at Roadburn

Posted on april 6, 2016

Check out these bands at Roadburn!

Magrudergrind & Primitive Man

Posted on february 4, 2016

Magrudergrind dates fully booked now, they'll rage across Europe with the boys in Primitive Man by the end of this month!

ACxDC and Implore!

Posted on january 28, 2016

After a very successful run in 2014 ACxDC (Antichrist Demoncore) and Implore will again join forces for another European tour.

Check them in a city near you... (or book them in a city near you as there are still a few open dates. Contact