Post Metal

Label: Pelagic Records
Spring 2018
Info & details:

Bison formed in 2006. Drunk, stumbling on the heals of a skate thrash band S.T.R.E.E.T.S., (skateboarding totally rules, everything else totally sucks). In 2007 the Earthbound ep gets recorded. People dig it.

Then in 2008 Metal Blade records signs us, changing our name to Bison BC. We did 3 albums for them - Quiet Earth (2008), Dark Ages (2010) and Lovelessness (2012). We then parted ways with Metal Blade directly after the release of Lovelessness. Amicably enough. During that time we toured extensively through North America and Europe most notably with Baroness, Goatwhore, Tombs, High on Fire, Kylesa, Coliseum, Weedeater, The Ocean, Burst and Black Cobra among others.

In 2014 we released the 1000 Needles ep. through War on Music, who had been doing our vinyl releases for our Metal Blade albums. We also change our name back to Bison, without the ‘BC’.

This past June, 2016 we recorded our newest album titled: You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient.

In 2017 we signed with Pelagic Records and they released You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient this past June.